Everyone has bad habits – smoking, drinking, overeating, partying, and drug abuse and addiction – and some can’t refuse it.

If you are struggling to leave some of these unhealthy vices and want to start a new leaf, here are some useful tips on how to say “NO” to vices without feeling guilty.

Tip #1: Start owning your vice

The reason you can’t say “NO” to bad habits is that it owns you, rather than owning it. Whenever that small voice tries to talk you into doing those bad traits, you always give in.

The first thing to do when quitting any of your bad habits is to own it; admit it. Then, do not let it control you; instead, start reasoning out why you need to quit. It may not be easy at first, but it is worth it when you realize you are starting to control your vices.

Tip #2: Look for diversion

Quitting smoking is not easy for most smokers; it will take time and effort to give up on it. However, if you look for diversion or alternative, quitting will become easy; for instance, eating bubble gum when the urge to smoke is too strong or drinking sparkling water when your body is screaming for alcohol.

You can’t eradicate a habit – either bad or good – what you can do is replace it with a new and healthy habit. So, find the right diversion that will help you say “NO” to your vices.

Tip #3: Avoid things that trigger vices

When you find the right diversion, you have to avoid or cut out the things that trigger your bad habit. For instance, you want to give up on drinking alcohol, you have to throw away or give out the entire alcoholic drinks inside your house; instead, replace them with healthy drinks. If you are in the grocery store, try to avoid walking to the aisle where you can find beers, wine, and other alcoholic beverages.

Tip #4: Be positive

Positivity can help you say “NO” to your bad habits.

Remember the reasons why you need to quit your vices. Focus on positive activities, such as doing healthy things that you haven’t done for a long time or haven’t done before. Create new habits that are healthy for you.

Do not give up.

Tip #5: Seek advice

Another right thing to do when you want to quit your bad habit is to seek advice, especially when quitting alcohol and smoking is a hard thing to do.

Do not be afraid to seek medical advice; these specialists are knowledgeable about how they can help you with your bad habits or addiction.

Final Thoughts

Saying “NO” to bad habits is not easy; however, with the right planning on how to quit and the right execution, quitting from vices won’t be difficult as it may seem. If you are having a hard time quitting, seek professional advice and surround yourself with people who can encourage you during this tough transition.

Also, always stay positive.

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