As Earth Day approaches, recyclers, businesses, and municipalities all over the country are organizing recycling events to engage their communities and support environmentally conscious activities. On Saturday, April 14, Waste Management will be hosting a Free Bulky Waste Drop Off & Recycling Event at the Yolo County Fairgrounds from 8:00am – 3:00pm. This event is particularly noteworthy, because it gives residents the opportunity to recycle items that can often be hard to get rid of, such as appliances, wood waste, rigid plastics, and electronic waste – one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world. In recent years, electronics recycling has become a popular topic in the weeks surrounding Earth Day as the dangers of e-waste disposal have been brought to light by various investigative reports. Now that recycling has become the standard for disposing of e-waste, finding a responsible recycler is a new challenge. e-Stewards®, an international e-waste watchdog, has developed a certification standard to make environmentally conscious electronics recyclers known to the public. Recycling Events (such as the one mentioned above) that channel electronics directly to e-Stewards® Certified processors make responsible e-waste recycling easy for the consumer.


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