Last June a group of conscientious recycling companies got together and designed the much needed Responsible Electronics Recycling Act. This legislation benefits industry leaders and consumers both by prohibiting export of electronic waste (e-waste) to developing countries. Targeted developing countries do not have the proper means to dispose of e-waste safely, putting workers and the environment at risk. It also promotes responsible recycling here within our own North American borders.

Responsible recycling is an increasing necessity and the expanding coalition membership roster proves that industry leaders agree. Recently joining the alliance are the industry cornerstone leaders Waste Management Recycle America, North America’s leading provider of integrated environmental solutions and Alcoa, the world’s leading aluminum producer. There are now 48 companies with facilities in 32 states backing the coalition which will better ensure the safe handling and recycling of e-waste in the U.S. Responsible management of e-waste will create jobs and increase trade which this economy will benefit from.

Now it’s your turn to take action, visit the CAER website for more information about HR 2284/SB1270.


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